Refresh Your Space for Spring: A Guide to Custom Wall Art and Décor

Refresh your home this Spring with custom wall art and décor. Discover how to find the perfect art for your home with Curavate’s DIY interior design guide.

As the seasons change, so does our desire to refresh and rejuvenate our living spaces. Spring welcomes feelings of renewal and growth, and with that may come an urge to purge what no longer serves you and breathe new life into your home.

It doesn’t always take a major renovation or big budget to transform your space into a vibrant sanctuary—sometimes, it’s in the small details. In this guide, we’ll walk you through steps to revitalising your home this Spring without breaking the bank. We’ll share practical steps you can take to create an environment that feels both new and unmistakably you with custom wall art and decor.

  • We’ll show you how you can —
  • Evaluate your space
  • Choose your medium
  • Select the right kind of art
  • Consider your home’s layout
  • Easily install your artwork

Let’s hop to it!

Step 1: Evaluate Your Space

All well-designed homes are a labour of love, where every detail is curated with intention and care. So before you hit the shopping cart, try taking a moment to evaluate your space and your overall vision. Are you going for a simple, clean aesthetic? Or maybe a more bohemian-chic vibe? With one central theme in mind, you can ensure each space cohesively ties together.

Here are some quick tips for evaluating your home decor:

  • Create a vision — Make a Pinterest mood board and add images of spaces that inspire you, looking for common threads in the aesthetics you’re drawn to.
  • Out with the old — With your refined vision in mind, ask yourself whether there are items in your home that feel unintentional or uninspiring. If you have decor items that don’t bring you joy or feel authentically aligned, consider donating them.
  • Audit your space — Now that you’ve purged, take a look at each room in your home to identify which spaces need a full refresh or whether a few personal touches will do. Notice empty walls and opportunities to add visual interest with wall decor.

Step 2: Choose Your Medium

Now that you’re locked and loaded with a list of ‘wants’ and ‘needs’, it’s time for you to become the creative director of your DIY home refresh. Just remember—when shopping for wall art and decor, it’s important to consider how different mediums will play to your desired aesthetic.

Here are some tips for selecting from our colourful menu of custom wall art options:

For Warmth and Texture: Wrapped Canvas

Wrapped canvas is the perfect choice if you’re looking to add a cosy and inviting feel to your space. This medium works well for various design aesthetics including rustic, farmhouse, traditional, and bohemian decors. Why? Well, the natural fabric texture of canvas adds depth and character to artwork, bringing life to paintings and photographs. Its versatility allows it to seamlessly integrate with both classical and modern pieces, making it an excellent choice for living areas, bedrooms, and spaces that crave a touch of home.

For Clean and Modern: Metallic Prints

Metallic prints are the go-to if you’re going for a clean, modern look. This medium is well suited for high-contrast images, black and white photography, and vibrant colours that pop. The glossy finish adds a futuristic touch that can elevate spaces with modern, industrial, or high-tech design aesthetics. Plus, because of its reflective quality, metallic prints bring a dynamic element to artwork that changes with the light and viewing angle. Love a sleek, suave interior? Metallic is the way to go.

For Contemporary and Minimalist: Acrylic Prints

Acrylic prints offer a crystal-clear finish that enhances the sharpness and brightness of images, making this medium ideal if you have a more contemporary aesthetic. If you love clean lines, uncluttered environments, and a high-end ambiance, you’ll love acrylic prints. Because of their simplicity and elegance, they complement furniture and architectural elements, making them a favourite for modern living rooms, offices, and simple spaces seeking a touch of sophistication.

For Playful and Vibrant: Poster Prints

Poster prints can inject a playful and vibrant energy into a room. Often used in youthful settings (like children’s bedrooms), custom poster prints are more casual and eclectic, offering an affordable way to feature bold graphics, pop culture references, or colourful artwork. Plus, because they’re easily recyclable, you can refresh your teenager’s space just as often as they change their outfit. Win-win! Whether framed or hung as-is, custom poster printing can make your space feel more alive and dynamic.

Step 3: Select Your Art

The part we love most about decorating our homes with custom wall art? The fact that we get to choose whatever image suits the space. But with endless options, where do you start?

To guide you, here are a few considerations for selecting your artwork:

  • Colour — First and foremost, consider your room’s colour scheme. If you’re going for an organic style, consider avoiding overly vibrant pieces and aim for neutral tones. Perhaps a beachy aesthetic would lend itself well to blues and beiges.
  • Room Function — Think about the purpose of the room, whether it’s relaxation, work, or entertainment, and choose art that complements its function. Colour theory can go a long way here. For example, studies have shown that warm colours are considered to be stimulating, while cool colours can be calming.
  • Lighting — If your room is dully lit and rarely gets natural light, choosing brighter artwork might enliven your space. Also consider whether the tone of your overhead lighting is more warm (yellow) or cool (blue) and how your artwork might complement or clash with it.
  • Personal Style — Last but certainly not least, think about what you LOVE! For some people, images of serene nature make them feel more at peace in their home environments. For others, hanging family portraits brings a smile to their face. Find what feels authentically you and makes you feel good in your home.

Step 4: Consider the Layout

Have you ever hung an image on a large wall, only to realise your artwork is way too small? Yikes! The best way to avoid this is to plan ahead and take measurements of your space. Try experimenting with different layouts—whether it's a single statement piece above the sofa or a gallery wall that showcases a collection of smaller prints. The goal is to create a focal point that draws the eye and invites conversation.

Step 5: Install and Enjoy

Once you've used Curavate’s artwork editor to create your custom wall art and decor, installing your artwork is shockingly easy. Each piece we deliver comes equipped with a wall hanging template that makes it a breeze to mark your hanging holes and mount your piece.

Once your artwork is installed, take this opportunity to declutter and rearrange your room to complement your new decor. Remember, refreshing your space is not just about aesthetics—it's about creating an environment where you feel relaxed, inspired, and truly at home.

Spring into Action: Create Your Custom Wall Art!

Let Curavate help you transform your home with custom wall art and decor that reflects your individual style and breathes new life into your space. From moody metallic prints to wrapped canvas that adds a touch of warmth, your options are endless. Click here to start shopping and find inspiration for your new and improved springtime space.

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