Metallic Prints

Experience art on a new level with the shimmering finish of a metallic print. The depth of this material adds a dynamic, reflective quality to your images, transforming them into contemporary masterpieces with stunning visual impact. Looking for a showstopper? Say less.  

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$95.00 (CAD)

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Metallic Prints  Crafted with specially coated aluminium sheets, metallic prints are created by infusing inks that result in a distinctive medium that showcases vibrant colours with a unique metallic sheen.  
Edges 0.25” thick brushed aluminium with rounded corners.  
Sizes Choose from our diverse, pre-set sizes. Not seeing what you’re looking for? Contact our support staff—we’re happy to help! 
Hardware You have the option to select either no hanging hardware or silver stand-off posts for a floating effect. Hanging template and instructions also included.  

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