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While you’re busy #Curavating, questions may pop up along the way. Dive into our frequently asked questions for valuable tips and tricks others have found helpful. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, rest assured that we are here to help you.  

How it Works

Ready to create your very own personalised product? Here’s how you can get started 

Pick your product category or browse our collections for inspiration

Delve into the details about product specs, finishing touches, hardware, and more. Lean on our visual mock-ups to preview your selections.

Personalise Your Product

Let those creative juices flow! Upload your own artwork, a treasured photo, or dive into stock imagery for inspiration. Once your masterpiece is uploaded, work your magic in the editor. Select your size, tweak the cropping, and put your personal spin on the finishing touches. You can also level up certain products with fancy hardware and frames.

Seal the Deal

When your creation is just the way you like it, add it to your cart. Update your shipping details, choose your shipping method, and of course, enter your payment details. 

Create an Account

Before you close out, be sure to become an official Curavator by creating an account. This will allow you to track your order history, set your preferences and qualify for special promotions.

One Last Look

Hold up, Curavator! Here’s one last chance to fine-tune the details and review your order. Check your artwork, confirm your choices, and hit that magic "Complete My Order" button. Ta-da! You've just #Curavated your very own masterpiece. 

Artwork Guidelines

Follow these artwork guidelines to ensure a finished product you’ll be proud to flaunt with pristine colour and clarity.  

Acceptable File Formats

When uploading your own imagery and artwork, we accept JPEG, PNG & TIFF file types. 

Image Resolution

For the sake of quality, it's essential that any images you upload have a minimum resolution of 150dpi. Keep in mind that higher resolutions translate to crisper visuals—a crucial consideration when it comes to larger formats. For the best outcome, 300dpi stands as the optimal resolution.

We do have our limits though. If your file size is too big it may pose a challenge for you to upload. A slight reduction in resolution may be necessary to guarantee a seamless upload experience. And on that note…  

Upload Limits

Image uploads must not exceed 50MB. To ensure successful uploads, consider converting images to JPEG format, which typically reduces file size without losing image quality.

Custom Design

Looking to colour outside the lines? Our expert creative team is here to collaborate with you and turn your wildest and most elaborate ideas into stunning, personalized works of art.

Why Choose Us?

Custom Sizes

We've carefully curated a diverse assortment of sizes, each with its own unique aspect ratio. You'll find these size choices conveniently laid out on every individual product page, alongside our intuitive image editor. Just remember that the scope of sizes might differ from product to product, giving you an array of options to choose from. 

Digital Proofing

When selecting an image for print, several factors influence the outcome. Proofing allows you to evaluate these elements in advance and guides decisions regarding print size, product type and image adjustments.

Begin by using the photo quality indicator in our Product Editor to ensure your image resolution is optimal for your selected product size. If your image resolution isn't high enough, warnings will appear in the editor and as a pop up as you add your product to your basket.

Keep in mind that even if the resolution is rated as 'Excellent', you’ll want to ensure your image focus, darkness, and saturation appear to be optimised as well. As much as possible, use a high-quality monitor for the most accurate representation of how your printed product will appear. And try to avoid proofing your images on a mobile phone screen to avoid missing the tinest of errors.

Minimum Orders

Great news! There are no minimum order requirements!

From one to one hundred (or more!), you have the freedom to order exactly the quantity you desire. Once you’ve completed your effortless order experience, you'll find the option to create a password-protected account, ensuring effortless access and hassle-free re-ordering whenever creativity strikes.

Pricing & Currency

All prices listed on the Curavate website default to CAD.

However, using the currency toggle in the top navigation will change the prices to your preferred currency.

To determine the price of your product, from any product page, simply scroll down to the options/preview area, where you can see the estimated total update in real time depending on the various product options available. Sales taxes are charged based on the tax rate of the delivery destination.

Shipping & Delivery

Last step in the process! Here is everything you need to know about shipping your order.

Anticipated Order Delivery

Our goal is to get all orders processed and out the door in 3 days or less. Delivery times depend on the geographical location of where you're shipping to and may take longer if in a rural area vs. a major city centre. All packages are shipped by Canada Post using Expedited Shipping for standard shipments (7-10 days for delivery) or Xpresspost for Priority shipments (4-6 days for delivery).

Shipping Address Changes

Unanswered Deliveries

If no one is home to recieve your order, not to worry. Depending on geographical location, your package will be delivered to your doorstep or community mailbox. Or, you may receive a delivery slip for pickup at a local designated branch.

Cost of Shipping

Shipping costs are determined by shipment type (Expedited or Xpresspost), package weight and location. This will be displayed at checkout.

Return Policy

We are truly sorry if your order did not arrive as expected.

Damage Caused by Shipping

Customer Errors

Returns Due to Incorrect Shipping Address

If your order is returned to Curavate due to an incorrect shipping address entered at the time of ordering, it will not be refunded but we are happy to reship it to you at an additional cost. Our support team will contact you with a new payment link to process the additional shipment to the correct address.

Please remember to check your order carefully before you hit submit!


We care about our planet, the environment and doing what we can to leave the world a better place.

We endeavour to minimize our environmental footprint by using eco-friendly methods and materials, reducing our waste and recycling diligently. Whenever possible, we work with regional partners to produce our products locally, minimizing the environmental impact of long-distance transportaion. Our network of partners also share our values, contribute positively to a sustainable earth and work actively to improve our industry.

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