Welcome to Curavate! We're so glad to have you.

Hello! Welcome to Curavate—we’re so glad to have you. Before you become fully immersed in our platform, let us introduce you to the creativity and wonder you’ll experience here.

What is Curavate?

Curavate is a vibrant online marketplace of lovingly curated, personalized goods. Here, you'll experience an imaginative, stress-free space to discover and create custom wall art, home décor and more. We welcome everyone with open arms, inviting people from all walks of life to brazenly be themselves and self-express. Despite our differences, we believe there's one thread that tethers us all—a wellspring of creativity within.

How it Works

We're all about empowering expansive creativity and nurturing genuine self-expression through personalized products that echo the true you. Here is how our feature-rich and fun-to-use platform works:

1) Browse Our Collection

First things first, pick your product category and browse our curated collections for endless inspiration. Delve into the details about product specs, finishing touches, hardware, and more—leaning on visual mock-ups to preview how your selects will style your space.

2) Personalize Your Product

Now that you've picked your product, it's time to let those creative juices flow! Upload your own artwork, a treasured photo, or dive into our stock imagery pool for some inspiration. Once your masterpiece is uploaded, it's time to work your magic in the editor. Select your size, tweak that image crop, pick your material, and put your personal spin on the finishing touches. The cherry on top? Level up certain products with fancy hardware, and take your pick from three wooden frames.

3) Seal the Deal

Feeling satisfied? When your creation is just the way you like it, pop it in your cart. Complete your shipping details, and make sure to choose the shipping method that suits your timeline. And don't forget the grand finale: entering your payment details.

4) One Last Look

Hold up, Curavator! Here is your one last chance to fine-tune the details and review your order. Check your artwork, confirm your choices, and hit that magic "Complete My Order" button. Ta-da! You've just #Curavated your very own masterpiece.

Becoming a Curavator is easy

Just begin building! So, what will it be? Are you all-in for acrylic or mad for metallic? There’s only one way to find out...

Custom Wall Art, Home Décor & More

What kinds of fun and functional products will you find on Curavate? Whether you’re into fine-art photography or DIY doodles, we have it all. Explore products you’ll love for gifting, everyday use, or decorating your own home: 

With quality manufacturing standards, every order is crafted with the utmost intention and care. The result? Meaningful creations you’ll love for a lifetime.

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